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Equitable strategies to save lives


Children under five years old die every day

1 million

Newborns die on the first - and only - day of life each year

40 million

Women give birth every year without a skilled attendant

Many children can be saved by proven means and at little cost if equity gaps are eliminated

Poor children are 2 times less likely to reach the age of five than rich children

Newborns in the poorest households of South Asia have the lowest chances of being breastfed within the first hour of birth


A data-driven system that identifies equitable strategies to save lives

EQUIST identifies the
most deprived children

Through deprivation analysis that reveals disparities masked by aggregate figures

The system holds duty-bearers accountable to all children - especially the most vulnerable

And shows how to invest in proven
cost-effective interventions

Equist helps to remove bottlenecks to service delivery

Equist partners with communities to optimize
available resources



Equitable strategies to save lives