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MNTE Introduction

What is the MNT Risk Score?

The score refers to the level/severity of populations at risk of maternal and newborn tetanus. A low score (red colored areas) refers to high risk due to low coverage levels of MNTE Interventions A medium score (yellow colored areas) refers to moderate risk due to medium coverage levels of essential MNTE interventions A high score …

MNTE Introduction

Accessing and Using the MNTE Risk Analysis Module

In order to access the module, users simply need to click the “MNTE Risk Analysis” button on the lefthand side menu of the EQUIST dashboard (no login required) or access the module through the following site link: Upon accessing the site, the user can select the country workspace; available dataset; and indicator or indicators …

MNTE Introduction

Maternal & Newborn (MNTE) Risk Analysis: Overview

The MNTE Risk Analysis module was developed and based on the MNTE Risk Analysis Excel-based tool developed by UNICEF. The main purpose of the module is to provide guidance to health policy planners and decisionmakers on the situation of populations at risk of maternal and newborn tetanus (MNT) subnationally, at regional, provincial, or lower levels. …