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Situational Analysis

Situational Analysis: Equity Frontiers

The next section of the dashboard is the equity analysis. This module is intended to identify which factors most contribute to addressing inequity and reducing the disparity between the different groups analysed through the Population modules. The generated charts do not show absolute numbers of deaths but rather amenable deaths. Amenable deaths refer to deaths …

Situational Analysis

Situational Analysis: Profile

This module is expected to provide an overview of: The key driver(s) of inequity – the underlying factors that are behind inequities for health and nutrition outcomes and for coverage of evidence based and high impact interventions– i.e. Is inequity explained mostly by geographical differences? Is it better explained by differences in wealth? Residence? Provinces? …

Situational Analysis

Situational Analysis: Overview

The goal of this module is to provide a general overview of the extent, nature and implications of inequity in the country. It helps users to visualize the health inequities in a given country according to several different variables, including geography, wealth quintile and rural versus urban location. It also helps users to understand the …